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We will advise you about the options
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Besides the threats to personal wealth posed by family relationships and ageing, there are other significant threats posed by the statutory requirements of the Law and Tax rules. By being aware of them you can start the process of estate planning and mitigating the potential cost of them – for example reducing the impact of Inheritance Tax.

Inheritance Tax has to be paid on all assets at the time of death (your estate) above a certain level set by the Government. Up to that level is known as the Nil Rate Band (NRB) and you are not taxed on it, above it you are taxed at 40% on all you own – your home, possessions, savings and investments both in the United Kingdom and overseas. All your worldwide assets are subject to UK Inheritance Tax.

The good news is that, if you plan ahead, use your annual allowances and personal reliefs and have an appropriate Will and trusts, you can significantly reduce your inheritance tax liability and exposure to other third party threats. This does not mean losing control nor necessarily giving assets away during your life, although sometimes that’s a useful way of reducing exposure to tax.

We will advise you about the options available and help you find the right solution to achieve what you want for those you leave behind.

Specialist Tax & Business Succession Planning Successful business people are often too busy to reflect on the wealth they are accumulating and on the tax implications of it. This is all the more true of business owners who find little time to evaluate the suitability of their original business agreements (if they exist) and structure and the tax implications flowing from them.

By failing to address these issues they increase their estate’s exposure to an unnecessary tax take and reduce the wealth they are able to pass on to their spouse, partner or children. The more successful a person becomes so the need to keep under review out of date agreements and structures increases.

If you are in that position and are not sure about your current situation nor confident in the suitability of earlier professional advice you received please ask us. Our specialist tax advisers will be delighted to work with you to achieve the optimum solution for your changed circumstances and for what you wish to achieve in the longer term.

The larger and more complicated your estate, the more important it becomes to receive specialist advice to preserve your assets. We and our partnered specialist advisers will be happy to help you.